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Zelda: An American Love Story is a musical scored by Frank Wildhorn and written by the brilliant lyricist and book writer, Jack Murphy. Directed by Vincent Marini, the show describes the tumultuous relationship of legendary author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and his remarkable wife, Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald. The story is told from journalist Ben Simon’s interview with Zelda at her mental hospital in the late 1940’s. Through Zelda’s recollections in this interview, we uncover the couple’s roaring lifestyle through their rise and fall in the 1920’s.

Tucker used video and projections to instantly transport the audience from various locations, such as Montgomery, Alabama in 1918, to a mental hospital in North Carolina in the 1940’s.  Click on the video link at the bottom right of this page to observe how projections were used to create the illusion of multiple critics in one musical number.  In addition to setting the scene of the musical, video worked fluidly with lighting to visually and emotionally enhance musical numbers.

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