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September 24, Katy heads to Flat Rock Playhouse to work on Zelda with some of the team from Wonderland. Frank Wildhorn and Jack Murphy, have scored and penned this musical, about the life of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s notorious wife, Zelda. Sven Ortel, her mentor and friend, was unable to work on the show and kindly put her forward.

People frequently ask what Katy’s process is beginning work on a show; the only consistent element to her process is that she has no consistent process. F. Scott Fitzgerald, like most authors, based his characters on people from his life. Zelda, unsurprisingly, is represented in many of his books. In addition to reading the script multiple times and studying old videos of the show, Katy is re-reading many of his books: This Side of Paradise, The Beautiful and The Damned, and The Great Gatsby, to name a few.

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