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Listen, Quiet is a piece of music written by Paola Prestini for cello, percussion, and electronics.  VIA /Paola Prestini originally commissioned S. Katy Tucker to create a video for the piece, premiered at Julliard’s Beyond the Machine 2.0.

In June 2013, VIA re-commissioned Katy to create original video to premiere with Kate Skarpetowska’s choreography, for the River to River Festival.  Tucker worked with lighting designer Bruce Steinberg to create the meditative world of a woman, portrayed by actress Caroline Duncan, representative of all women, who has finally liberated herself from a traumatic event.

The piece begins with male and female dancers involved in a lover’s quarrel.  The projected woman is a siren, the meta, a venus, something outside of this one isolated situation.  While the dancers demonstrate one relationship unravelling, the woman in the film and projected on the scrim is rediscovering her relationship with herself.  She first appears projected and frozen laying on her side, submerged by water.  Then, she appears projected on the large rear projection screen, awakened from a dream.  She slowly lowers herself into the dark water, and watches as the couple continue to unravel.  The dancers become shadows, and we are left alone with the musicians and the video.  We watch as the woman is submerged into her dream world, breaking free from what left her frozen and submerged.

The Vimeo link features Prestini’s music, and elements of Tucker’s video.  Above are featured stills from the video and both performances.

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Listen, Quiet