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Götterdämmerung, the final of Wagner’s tetralogy, The Ring Cycle, is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where the land has been stripped and only one deciduous tree remains. The Rhine, is only a trickling riverbed, shroud in trash and waste. The landscape, once lush and filled with flora and fauna has been stripped and what remains is an endless horizon of industrial waste and factories. This production of Götterdämmerung premiered in San Francisco in May of 2011, completing Francesca Zambello’s epic American Ring.

Using the convention Jan Hartley established in the first three operas, Tucker visually responded to Wagner’s leitmotifs throughout the opera.  Most of the projected imagery consisted of desaturated and polluted landscapes, with many of the leitmotifs illustrated through the clouds.  For instance, when we hear the Valhalla theme, the drained colors of a rainbow appear over the dilapidated industrial setting.  The most challenging projection and design task of Götterdämmerung comes in the final nine minutes as the world is destroyed and regenerated.

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San Francisco Opera