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En Hunds Hjärta is a cautionary tale about ethics and politics.

Uppsala, Sweden, Christmas 2022. Truxa is one of the University’s most respected professors and doctors. Additionally, a pioneering genetics researcher. But in the swirling snow, with Christmas celebrations and the Infant Jesus’ spirit hovering over the laboratory, an experiment suddenly went horribly wrong. A dog gets transformed into an unpolished, rough looking individual with primitive drives and coarse expressions of opinion.

A dog’s heart is a fierce satire of what is happening right now – in Sweden and in Europe. A cautionary tale with a bitter aftertaste, suggesting that our political and ethical choices have consequences. For us personally. For our history. With humor as a weapon, the award-winning Lithuanian-American director Yana Ross, digs into our nature and our desires. What are you prepared to do, to satisfy your own needs?

A Dog’s Heart was written in 1925 by Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov, but was banned until the late 1960s.

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En Hunds Hjärta

Uppsala Stadsteater