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Mozart’s celebrated dramatic comedy tells the story of a famous womanizer who is given one last chance to repent. Il dissoluto punito, ossia il Don Giovanni (The Rake Punished, or Don Giovanni) premiered in 1787 and is the second opera in the popular Mozart/Da Ponte trilogy (preceded by The Marriage of Figaro and followed by Così fan tutte).

This new production, designed for The Barns at Wolf Trap, featured a contemporary design, set in early 21st-century America.  To help emphasize the technological world Don Giovanni lived in, there was an extensive use of video and projections.  On three large monitors, Giovanni interacted with the videos.  By using an iPad on stage, he manipulated the screens to: lure women,  show live feed surveillance footage, and watch his various exploits.  The rest of the set is also used as a surface for video.  Tucker helped render the scenery, as well as emphasize dramatic moments in the opera, like the graveyard scene or the Commendatore’s death.

Project Details

Don Giovanni

Wolf Trap Opera