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An Experience in the Ruin was a one night gala held at the construction site of OMW, Original Music Workshop, a Brooklyn based non-profit that provides state of the art facilities and support to a wide range of composers, musicians, and emerging talent.  The event was conceived by OMW’s Creative Director Paola Prestini, photographer and supermodel Helena Christensen, Chelsea gallery owner Valerie Dillon of the Dillon Gallery, and lead architect Peter Zuspan of Bureau V, the firm designing OMW’s space.

Held in the still under construction future home of OMW, an evening of musical performances by a wide range of talent entertained celebrities and philanthropists like Bono, Julianne Moore, The Edge, Darren Arronofsky, and George Soros, among many others.  Tucker collaborated with Helena Christensen to create a backdrop of video created from Ms. Christensen’s photographs.  The projections played behind the musical performances of guests like Laurie Anderson, Suzanne Vega, Tim Fain, Helga Davis, Jeff Zeigler, Maya Beiser, and the über talented group Netsayi and Black Pressure from Zimbabwe.  Tucker and Christensen’s images created a naturalistic and organic setting along with Brad Peterson’s immersive lighting to compliment the table arrangements of moss, gorgeous fungi, and hundreds of ivory candles strewn throughout the room.   The whimsical and organic setting provided a charming contrast to the exposed brick and re-barb site.



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An Experience in the Ruin